Our partners are regulary speaking at conferences like:

100 Women in Finance – Education Event, Zurich
December 6, 2019
Speaker: Dr. Barbara Weber, Founding Partner, B CAPITAL PARTNERS
Subject: Incorporating ESG into Infrastructure Investing

May 19, 2019
Speaker: Dr. Barbara Weber, B Capital Partners
Subject: Infrastructure as an Asset Class: An Overview

PEI Global Summit Berlin
March 18 – 21, 2019
ESG & Sustainability Forum
Speaker: Dr. Barbara Weber, Founding Partner B Capital Partners
Subject: Panel Session - Building a climate risk strategy within investments
- What climate risks are inherent in infrastructure?
- Identifying climate related opportunities in an infrastructure portfolio
- How to disclose climate related risks aligned with the TCFD recommendations
Subject: Starting at the top: Why getting diversity right matters
- Building and incentivising a diverse team
- What do investors want to see from the managers they work with?
- How diversity can be a crucial factor when selecting a manager

PEI Women in Infrastructure
November 28 - 29, 2018
Moderator: Dr. Barbara Weber
Subject: Midmarket Infrastructure
Finding value and avoiding return compression

SuperReturn Infrastructure, London
September 17 - 19, 2018
Moderator: Dr. Barbara Weber
Subject: Renewables and ESG
To what extent do renewables qualify as ESG? Should LPs invest in funds that combine renewables with midstream oil & gas, fracking or power investing supporting coal fired plants? How do these funds meet ESG requirements?

PEI Global Summit Berlin
March 20 – 22, 2018
Workshop Leader: Dr Barbara Weber
Subject: Fund due diligence process and performance analysis
Why invest in infrastructure? Examining an asset class still on the rise

The European Pension Fund Investment Forum
Swiss Forum – 13 March, 2018
Speaker: Dr Barbara Weber
Subject: Investing in Infrastructure and ESG Considerations

LTIIA Fourth Annual Meeting and a Joint Forum with OECD
Policy Dialogue to Develop Infrastructure as an Asset Class
October 18, 2017
OECD Headquarters – 2 rue André Pascal, 75775 Paris Cedex 16, France
Speaker: Barbara Weber, Founding Partner, B Capital Partners
Subject: Panel Discussion - Managing ESG efficiently: best practices and industry trends

Speaker: Barbara Weber, Founding Partner of B Capital Partners AG

Panel Discussion

International Forum on Sustainable Infrastructure, Hanoi, Viet Nam / 17–18 May 2017
Moderator: Ms. Barbara Weber, B Capital Partners, Switzerland
Subject: Facilitating Finance for Sustainable Infrastructure. Why a multi-stakeholder approach is key to financing sustainable infrastructure.

University of Zurich – Executive Course Current Trends in Socially Responsible Investments, Zurich, Switzerland, November 25th, 2016
Speaker: Dr. Barbara Weber
Subject: Infrastructure investment as an asset class

Baker & McKenzie’s Annual Private Equity Roundtable, Zurich, Switzerland, September 8th, 2016
Speaker: Dr. Barbara Weber
EMEA PE Roundtable

POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe, June 23rd, 2016
Speaker: Paolo Alemanni
Panel: Challenges of Equity Investors in The Energy Market

Investment Conference 2016: Creating certainty in an uncertain world, 09.-11.03.2016, Edinburgh (UK)
Organisiert von: Pension and Lifetime Savings Association

Speaker: Dr. Barbara Weber
Subject: How can schemes collaborate most effectively?

Immobilienkonferenz zu „Indirekten Immobilienanlagen“, 24. September 2015,
Organisiert von: Institut für Finanzdiensleistungen Zug – Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Speaker: Dr. Barbara Weber
Subject: Charakteristiken und Investitionsmöglichkeiten von Infrastrukturinvestments

Real Assets & Infrastructure Investment Stragegies for Global Pension Funds, Friday 11 September 2015, The St Paul Grange Hotel, St Pauls, London
Organisiert von IP Real Estate – IPE Investment & Pensions Europe

Speaker: Dr. Barbara Weber
Subject: ASSET ALLOCATION PANEL - The role of real assets in institutional portfolios

5th Global Infrastructure Basel (GIB) Summit 2015 “Financing Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure : Transforming Momentum into Real Impact”, 27.- 28. Mai 2015, Hilton Basel (CH)
Organisiert von Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation

Speaker: Dr. Barbara Weber
Subject: Making the Infrastructure Asset Class more sustainable

INFRASTRUCTURE DEBT, Infrastructure Debt Funds – The Better Alternative To Equity? February 24-27, 2014, Berlin, Germany
Moderator: Barbara Weber, Founding Partner, B CAPITAL PARTNERS

Symposium: Life-Cycle Projekte im Spannungsfeld zwischen Theorie und Praxis, ETH Zürich, 10. Dezember 2013
Frau Dr. Barbara Weber

Infrastructure Investment World Deutschland, 4. Dezember 2013, Podium: „Gibt es noch Hoffnung für PPP Deutschland“.
Herr Konstantin von Falkenhausen

29th INSEAD Sustainability Executive Roundtable “The Future of Energy”, April 5, 2013, Fontainebleau, France
Speaker: Barbara Weber

PFS InvestorCircle, March 20, 2013, Priora Business Center, Balsberg, Schweiz
Speaker: Barbara Weber
Subject: Renditequellen von Infrastrukturanlagen

Benelux Pension Fund Roundtable, April 25-26, 2012,Noordwijk, The Netherands
Barbara Weber

INFRASTRUTTURE…A CREDITO, April 11, 2012, Roma, Italy
Barbara Weber
Panel: Infrastrutture… a credito
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CAIA/BAI Educational Events - Erneuerbare Energien, March 21, 2012, München, Germany

CAIA/BAI Educational Events - Erneuerbare Energien, March 20, 2012, Frankfurt, Germany

CAIA/BAI Educational Events - Erneuerbare Energien, March 19, 2012, Düsseldorf, Germany

Pension Fund Investment World Germany 2012, February 14-16, 2012, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Subject: Infrastruktur – Herausforderungen und Chancen für Ihr Portfolio
Speaker: Barbara Weber

Neue Wege der Finanzierung von PPP-Vorhaben, December 16, 2011, Bern, Switzerland
Subject: Die Finanzierung von PPP-Modellen aus der Sicht institutioneller Anleger
Speaker: Barbara Weber

Infrastructure Investment World Deutschland 2011, December 06-08, 2011, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Barbara Weber

Institutional Investor Institute, November 29-30, 2011, Luzern, Schweiz
Barbara Weber

CFA Luncheon Seminar, November 11, 2011, Montreal, Canada
Subject: Understanding Infrastructure
Speaker: Barbara Weber

6th Annual Institutional Investing in Infrastructure, A Global Conference, November 08-09, 2011, Chicago, USA
"Direct vs. indirect investing in infrastructure", Barbara Weber, Panel

Infrastructure Investment World November 7-9, 2011, London, UK
Barbara Weber
Speaker: What benchmarks exist to assist investors in evaluating infrastructure debt opportunities?
Panel: Co-Investment: what does the ideal partner look like?

2011 NPS Alternative Investments Global Forum - Private Market Benchmarks, November 3, 2011, Seoul, Korea
Subject: Benchmarking Infrastructure
Speaker: Barbara Weber

European Investment Roundtable, September 12-14, 2011, Stockholm, Sweden
"How to generate returns in a low yield environment", Barbara Weber, Panel

Nordic & Benelux Pension Funds Meeting, April 6-7, 2011, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Institutional Investors' Congress, February 24-25, 2011, Vienna, Austria
Konstantin von Falkenhausen

World Infrastructure Summit, November 29-December 2, 2010, Barcelona, Spain
Barbara Weber

Infrastructure Investment World: Europe, Terrapinn, November 29-December 2, 2010, London, UK
Barbara Weber

CFA Luncheon Round Table, November 25, 2010, Winnipeg, Canada
Barbara Weber

The 18th Annual CCPPP National Conference on Public-Private Partnerships, Shifting Into High Gear, The Canadian Council for Public Private Partnerships, November 22-23, 2010, Toronto, Canada
Barbara Weber

Symposium für Vorsorgeeinrichtungen, Schweiz, Deutschland und Österreich, Institutional Investor Roundtable, November 9-10, 2010, Luzern, Switzerland
Barbara Weber

2010 Institutional Investing in Infrastructure (13), October 31-November 2, 2010, Washington, D.C., USA
Barbara Weber

Private Equity 2010, Financial Times Deutschland, October 26, 2010, Frankfurt, Germany
Barbara Weber

TransFin 2010 - Investing in Transportation Assets, ICBI, June 21, 2010, Barcelona, Spain
Barbara Weber, Hans Wilhelm Alfen

European Family Office Private Wealth Management Forum, June 7-9, 2010, Geneva, Switzerland
Barbara Weber

Infrastructure Investment World, Terrapinn, April 26-29, 2010, New York City, USA
Barbara Weber

Infrastructure Investor: Europe 2010, PEI, March 30-31, 2010, Berlin, Germany
Barbara Weber

Betriebswirtschaftliches Symposium Bau, March 17-19, 2010, Weimar, Germany
Hans Wilhelm Alfen, Barbara Weber

Global Real Assets Investment Forum, Institutional Investor, March 2-3, 2010, New York City, USA
Barbara Weber

SuperReturn 2010, ICBI, February 8-11, 2010 Berlin, Germany
Barbara Weber

Infrastructure Investment World: Europe, Terrapinn, November 30-December 3, 2009 London, UK
Barbara Weber