4. Monitoring


  • Construction of a tailor-made reporting for the client
  • Evaluation of the current market situation/assessment of future market developments
  • Comprehensive quarterly reviews, reporting at the portfolio/company level of the client’s portfolio
  • On-going monitoring of the investment:
    • Analysis of the quarterly reporting (fund managers, portfolios, direct investments)
    • Evaluation of the quarterly data corresponding to the upfront agreed targets
    • Regularly face-to-face meeting with the (fund) managers
    • Individual and annual investor meetings
    • Direct exchange of information with other investors
    • Pro-active attitude in advisory boards and administrative boards
  • Regular meetings with the client to discuss results and action items
  • Post-investment advisory (in cooperation with platform manager)
    • Monitoring of capital calls and distributions
    • Calculation of NAV, IRR & yield
    • Fee calculation and charging


  • Analysis and control of key variables, which have a strong impact on cash flows (sensitivity analysis)
  • Benchmark analysis
  • Quality of fund and/or asset manager
  • Team development (funds and direct investments)