Portfolio Assets

B Capital Partners has been investing in sustainable infrastructure assets since 2010. From the very beginning, the focus has been in low-risk energy transition assets with long term stable cash flows and downside protection. It has transacted assets in excess of EUR 900m. In the following graphic, please find a brief description of the main portfolio assets.

Germany Energy Storage

  • BESS: 8 plants (in aggregate 178MW), BC-ETIF Fund II (2022/2023)
  • A 10MW-battery, BC-ETIF Fund I (2021)

Germany Wind

  • Onshore wind 85MW, DE pension fund Man. Acc.nt (2012-13)
  • Onshore wind 32MW, DE insurance (2012)
  • Onshore wind 13MW, BC-ETIF Fund I (2020)

Germany Fiber Optics

  • Fibre-optic network, DE pension fund (2020)

Photovoltaic Germany

  • 10MW-PV plant, BC-ETIF Fund I (2021)

Smartmeter Germany

  • Smart metering: BC-ETI Fund II (2023)

Electrical Grid Switzerland

  • High voltage grid, CH pension funds (2015)

Water Switzerland

  • Run-or-River Hydro powerplant, BCETIF Fund I (2022)

Photovoltaic Italy

  • PV portfolio14MW, CH pension fund (2017, divested in 2019)

Wind France

  • Onshore wind 57MW, CH pension fund (2016, divested in 2019)
  • Onshore wind 70MW, DE pension fund (2019)

Photovoltaic United Kingdom

  • PV portfolio 32MW, CH pension fund (divested in 2019)

Wind United Kingdom

  • FiT wind portfolio (31 WTGs), UK pension funds (2016)

Water Norway

  • Small-hydro portfolio, 44MW, BC-ETIF Fund I (2020, divested in 2023)

Wind Finland

  • 87MW Onshore wind portfolio, BCETIF Fund II (2023)