B Capital Energy Transition Infrastructure Fund Finalises Acquisition of a German 10MW-Wind Farm

B Capital Energy Transition Infrastructure SICAV-SIF, a Luxembourg fund initiated by B Capital Partners AG, has completed the acquisition of a 100% equity stake in the German SPV “Ravenstein”, owner of four wind turbines located in Baden-Württemberg, with an overall installed capacity of 10 MW.

The wind farm generates over 20GWh of electricity annually, equivalent to the yearly consumption of ca. 5,000 households. The wind farm avoids CO2 emissions of ca. 17,700 tons p.a.

This transaction allows B Capital to further diversify the portfolio of its fund by adding a German feed-in premium wind farm. B Capital has a long history of investing and managing low-risk, core assets in general and onshore wind farms in particular, having transacted ca. 280MW of capacity, the majority of which in Germany with 20-year feed-in tariffs. Along these lines, in January of this year, the fund invested in 26 operational run-of-river hydro power plants in Norway.