ESG Risk Management Tool

B Capital Partners developed for and with GRESB a stand-alone, open source ESG DD tool for infrastructure assets, which enables investors to gain a clear understanding of the ESG risks and opportunities of an asset, which can serve as valuable input to investment decision making. Subsequently, B Capital has upgraded the ESG DD Tool to become an integrated ESG Risk Management Tool with regard to the latest SFDR regulation. The ESG Risk Management Tool can be viewed as a comprehensive checklist, which supports a structured due diligence as well as an ongoing risk management approach for ESG related risks and opportunities.

The tool’s objective is to be used throughout the entire investment process:

(i) during due diligence to help identify, assess, quantify, and score all (material) ESG risks and opportunities, and

(ii) during the ongoing asset management post acquisition to help identify, assess, quantify, and score any new as well as previously identified (material) ESG risks and opportunities. Furthermore, it can provide ongoing guidance and support.

The ESG Risk Management Tool is an integral part of B Capital’s investment process.

Invitation to provide feedback

The ESG DD Tool is open source. We invite the infrastructure and investment industry to provide feedback. B Capital Partners will update the tool in response to feedback. Being Excel based, the tool can also be readily adapted by the user to meet his/her own needs.

Please direct your enquiries and feedback to: