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SuperReturn Infrastructure, London

To what extent do renewables qualify as ESG? Should LPs invest in funds that combine renewables with midstream oil & gas, fracking or power investing supporting coal fired plants? How do these funds meet ESG requirements?

PEI Global Summit Berlin

Why invest in infrastructure? Examining an asset class still on the rise

The European Pension Fund Investment Forum

Investing in Infrastructure and ESG Considerations

LTIIA Fourth Annual Meeting and a Joint Forum with OECD

Policy Dialogue to Develop Infrastructure as an Asset Class


Panel Discussion - Driving the Business Case for Sustainable Infrastructure

Pensions Infrastructure Platform’s Multi-Strategy Infrastructure Fund completes first equity investment with Golden Square Energy

Pensions Infrastructure Platform (“PIP”), a dedicated infrastructure investment manager established by pension schemes, for pension schemes, to facilitate long term investment into UK infrastructure, has reached an important milestone in its development with the first equity investment by the PiP Multi-Strategy Infrastructure Fund (“MSIF”).

New book on infrastructure investing is out!

Infrastructure as an Asset Class: new edition of the comprehensive standard work on global infrastructure investing.

New infrastructure platform of Swiss pension funds – B Capital Partner’s Barbara Weber member of the investment committee

Five of Switzerland’s largest pension funds are behind a new infrastructure investment platform, structured as an evergreen, which had its first closing at CHF 300m (€ 247m) with a substantially higher target volume.